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Returning Summer 2023

The Underground Station was started in 2017 in the basement of host and CEO Starra J. She created this platform to help provide a platform for creatives (artists, entrepreneurs, and influencers) that are looking to bring awareness to their creations, who they are, and what they do. Not only did Starra J want to help creators she also wanted to educate them on how to grow and succeed as a creator. Through her podcast Starra J provides her audience with talks on music, different creatives, and motivation segments.


The Underground Station  (What We Do)

-Promote upcoming artists, entrepreneurs, creatives

-Educate/inform creatives  on how to improve/grow as a creative

-Talks about music, creatives, and providing  motivation segments



The Underground Station looks to provide a platform for creatives who are aiming to bring awareness to their creations, talents or skills. We seek to improve growth through different strategies, tips, motivation, and promotions. We strived to promote, educate, and entertain our audience.



To help and bring awareness of creatives through promotion, strategies and motivation.



Staying connected through the underground.


To be the #1 source for creatives looking to grow and being able to connect them to the world.

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